Vistaar SmartQuote

Actionable Insights. Simply Delivered.

The Challenge.
Many businesses turn to their internal IT department to develop in-house legacy solutions or resort to using Excel as their pricing or CPQ solution. Both options are unwieldy, error-prone, non-scalable, and fraught with version control challenges. Most companies running a pricing solution lack actionable analytical capability and are relying either on an external BI tool or separate reporting modules, leading to pricing decisions driven by gut feel and emotional concerns associated with losing the deal. CPQ and pricing solutions should make things simpler, not harder.   

Vistaar SmartQuote Solution.
Vistaar’s SmartQuote is a world-class SaaS solution that manages and optimizes the configure, price and quote process (CPQ). The sophisticated solution allows business to be more efficient at managing and optimizing configuration, price agreements, quotes, and price lists by eliminating the need for multiple tools. SmartQuote’s easy-to-use workflows with embedded analytical insights streamline the complexities of B2B price management, deal management, and price monitoring. Vistaar SmartQuote makes it easy for pricing and sales to collaborate on contract/quote-driven businesses, price with confidence and produce margin and revenue growth that ultimately drives improved earnings per share.   

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Simply Delivered:

  • Easy to use intuitive interface for all classes of users
  • Simplified work-flow with guidance and best practices
  • Single module SaaS software for easy deployment, on-going administration, and upgrades

Actionable Insights:

  • Advanced analytics converted into actionable insights for each category of users
  • Optimized pricing recommendations provided with context
  • What-if impact simulation for all critical pricing actions

Personalized Experience:

  • Flexible data module to accommodate unique pricing processes and data structures
  • Support regional and role-based requirement variations without software customizations
  • Personalized software experience driven by users

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Vistaar SmartQuote
Actionable Insights. Simply Delivered.